Aikido is a martial art that combines both technical principles of “self-defense” and the spiritual dimension that is its essential foundation.

Agatsu Aikido
of Montreal

What sets us apart?

  • Rigorous yet flexible teaching;
  • Practice adapted to individual needs and abilities;
  • A pleasant, non-competitive atmosphere;
  • Mutual support and sharing.
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In concrete terms, the person executing the technique dodges his partner’s attack, pulling him into an imbalance that ends in a projection or immobilization; the aim is to master the partner, not to destroy him.  

The practice of aikido contributes to the improvement of physical condition, the acquisition of greater flexibility and better coordination of movements. It also leads to greater self-confidence, and generally contributes to a better quality of life.

The senseis

The dojo (school) is run by Marcel Lavigne 6th dan (Aikido Aikikai) and 1st dan Iaido (FCKI), and Michelle Lapointe 5th dan (Aikido Aikikai).

courses offered

Courses for children

Jonathan L.

“The fact that we understand aikido in a fun and supportive way and, above all, respect each other’s pace, are what make Agatsu aikido de Montréal a dojo I identify with.”

André P.

« By training at Agatsu aikido de Montreal,  I find the atmosphere and type of training I am looking for. That is, an aikido of a high technical level, practised in a serious but relaxed environment, taking into account martial application and, above all, with respect for our uke. »

France L.

« Aikido has become a philosophy of life for me. The practice contributes to my ability to concentrate, to my perception of the environment, which is very useful in a foreign environment, and to my physical and mental health. Aikido at Agatsu is all this, with the added conviviality, generosity and contagious good humour of the senseis. »

Simon Guertin-Armstrong

« In my opinion, Marcel and Michelle teach in the purest spirit of aikido. Firstly, with humility, as custodians of a knowledge that has been passed down to them, but which is not exclusively theirs. They are craftsmen, not artists who use their art as a pretext to nurture and impose their own personal cult. Nothing of the sort is felt at Agatsu.
On the contrary, you’re greeted with a warm smile and an outstretched hand. You’re invited to work relentlessly on yourself. The techniques are the means. The end is a different matter. »