Like a bonsai

Just like a bonsai tree, which its master carefully nurtures to create a work of art over the years, the practice of aikido requires patience and perseverance.

Why Agatsu?

« Masakatsu, Agatsu, Katsuhayabi »

This is a quote from the founder of aikido, which can be translated as “true victory is victory over oneself, let that day be today”.

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Unlike most martial arts, there is no competition in aikido. The challenge then takes on another dimension: self-improvement, both inside and outside the dojo. 

In this way, we can positively influence our way of being, which then becomes a victory over ourselves  

Practice and respect

Towards oneself, one’s partner and the environment
The notion of respect is essential to the practice of aikido.
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It means being aware that the partner “uke” is lending his body in complete confidence so that “nage” can execute a precise movement. Consequently, nage must take account of his partner’s abilities and not exceed them. In the same way, uke must strive not to attack blindly and respect the other’s limits.

It’s worth noting that respect is also a concept that applies to oneself; it also means recognizing one’s own limits!

Respect also involves a certain etiquette, including bowing at the entrance to the dojo, at the beginning and end of class, and bowing to your partner before and after practice. These “rituals” also help you to focus on the present moment.